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Alok Ojha is from the backward region of U.P. But he is someone who has proved that even a rural youth can succeed if he has talent with strong determination to follow his dreams. His video “Devil Share” has been nominated in film festivals like Cannes.
Reported by : Sandali

Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it eads. This saying has been proved by Alok Ojha. A man from a rural place like Baliya of Uttar radesh has set his foothold abroad through his talent. Alok Ojha came in to the notice of world’s eye when he made a video, “Devil Share” alone with the help of one PC and one mobile camera. But this is not his achievement as many people have. His achievement is that this video “Devil Share” reached all parts of the world claiming his presence. The video got selected and was screened in 14 international renowned film festivals like BBC and Cannes and many compare it with Michael Jackson’s videos because of the style.

The story line of the video is based on the story of ghost revenge. The main character (Loki) is killed by his friend and his wife for lust and economic advantages, and then the soul of the dead man appears for revenge. ‘Uniqueness’ is what critics say about his video. It is horror based but there is no killing or blood bath, only dance music with special effects but that is all what it needs to captivate the viewers to want more, or much more. Having his roots from a very small place, Alok Ojha as a multi – dimensional and multi- talented artist has his broad vision to go beyond the border line of India.

After getting kicked out from Samsung company under the ‘use-and-throw’, Alok Ojha was at dead end. “I needed to prove many things to many people like family, friends more than that to myself. My strongest point was that, I was fully aware of my weakness along



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