LTC Cinema Series – NYC Premiere Event Talk about Loki Ojha

LTC Cinema Series – NYC 2016 January Edition

LTC Cinema Series – NYC Premiere “Trailer”at the Taj Lounge & Restaurant, Saturday, January 9, 2016 Presented by LTC In association with Layered Films Media Production by Ltdezign Productions LLC Event Filmed

LTC Cinema Series event that will premiere & continue at the Taj Restaurant & Lounge in NYC. It will allow the opportunity for Indie Short Films, & Music Videos to be featured on a BIG screen Each event will feature a full video production crew, photographers,  and Repeat with a Red Carpet Hostess .

Hosted by: Todd Wharton (CEO & Founder of LTC) LTC Media Producer/Editor: Arsen R Bortnik LTC Red Carpet Hostess: Kelly Phoenix LTC Publicists: Diana De Rosa & John Thomas LTC Guest Relations: TBA LTC Event Promoters: Christopher Williams , Courtney Spox Scheer Delroy Flow Benjamin, Jay Brodie & Mitchelle M Cobb LTC Event Photographer: Teddy Adolphe LTC Event Photographer: Curtis Taitt .

Featured Films and Music videos

“Devil Share” Animation Directed by: Loki Ojha Submitted from New Dehli, India, Asia


“Idols & Scoundrels” Comedy Written, Edited & Directed by: Ryan Woods (Web Series) Submitted from NY,NY,USA – “If The Trees Can Talk” Drama/Suspense Directed & Written by: Michael Weinstein (Indie Short Film)

Submitted from NY.NY.USA – “Roommates” Drama/Comedy Director: Jessica L. Ransom Executive Producers: Jessica L. Ransom and Veronica Heffron Created by: Jessica L. Ransom and Veronica Heffron (Indie Short Film)

Submitted from NY,NY,USA – The Ave. (Drama,Suspense) Directed, Written & Co-Producerd by: Bobby Ashley Co-Produced by: Mical Milus (Web Series) Submitted from NY,NY,USA

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