Loki Ojha  story was published in DNA in the title “Thrilled with the response” by: Payal Bannerjee

“Their animated film, made ‘out of curiosity’, is making its mark internationally. Citybased software engineer Sandeep Baid tells After Hrs how he did it with his
partner Alok Ojha”


Though the film was made out of sheer curiosity, it turned out to be an extraordinary creative work.The four minutes and 12 seconds long thriller, Share, which has already been screened at the Horror Vision Film festival in December last year, will now be screened in the International Samobor Film Music Festival, Filmfest Dresden (International Short Film Festival), etc.


According to Baid, the 3D animated film is about the ghost of a young man coming back in the human world. He comes to take revenge from his closest friend, who had betrayed him by having an affair with his girlfriend and had also killed him to take his property. “The film is inspired from the recent incidents of betrayals by friends taking place in the society these days because of greed and jealousy,” Baid explains.

It took them almost six months to make Share and during the process, they
faced many challenges. “Once we started off, we realized that it involves a lot of work. We had to write the script and then, take care of the shooting, choreography, lyrics, music, animation, editing. We were not that experts
and had to learn with patience,” Baid recalls. Initially, the makers released
the film on the internet as there is no commercial market for such short movies
in India. But, later the film earned the director duo lots of accolades at national
and international level.

And, they began sending the film to the film festivals. Apart from that, Share
would also be shown as a part of a Mexican movie titled Another Way to Die,
which will release in the theaters of Mexico, Canada and United States. “The hero of Another Way to Die watches Share on his computer and gets inspired with it and that sets the plot of the story,” Baid ends.

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