Loki Ojha – A Role Model
Written by Simeon Gboun, Boss, Edited by Shany Habber

It is amazing how an ordinary person from the city can aim to achieve above and beyond their capacity. The 43 yea
r old New Delhi-an native, Loki Ojha (real name Alok Ojha), who has recently appeared, among many other world media, in the news headlines of India, the U.S, and the UK, has proven the fact that nothing is impossible if you insist on following your dreams, no matter the circumstances. In his case, a terrible lack of support that would have put an end to his career – crippled him to the point of no return – only made him stronger as he went out  to prove all his critics wrong. Indeed he did; with just one PC and a Nokia 5230 he alone produced a video so enthralling, so absolutely fascinating in how through 3D effects and animation it is able to convey a very strong message to its targeted audience.

loki ojha dancing devil-1Ojha spent some time working at the Samsung Company in India as a 3D animator, but the company took advantage of his skills; they overworked him in jobs that he had not applied for. When he fought to retain his true profession, the he became a victim to the company of the ‘use and throw strategy; after being taken advantage of, the company decided to dismiss Ojha. Left without a job, he became the butt of ridicule by both his friends and family members. They  laughed at him, making Ojha feel that they had lost all hope form him, Loki Ojha was and still is above this low-deeming behavior. He fought on and on with relentless efforts; his inexorable character reinforced his ambition, and he showed the ‘haters’ and later the world that he would not rest until he had made his impact!  The discharge at Samsung was of course not the end of the road for Ojha; how else would he be headlining the news? No, there was a journey that took place between being canned at Samsung and fighting to make the news, but that is why the video, ‘The Devil’s Share’ which displays Ojha’s numerous of skills in the art industry, the same Loki Ojha who was first rejected from society, is now, as previously mentioned. His work was been featured in one of the most reputable and commercial films festival in the world: the annual Cannes Film Festival.

– See more at: www.warthogsworld.com/showcase/2014/09/10/1835/#sthash.5yRuirPG.dpuf

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