A very prestigious school Harare International School (Zimbabwe) find this motivational and inspirational

Loki Ojha – A Role Model
Written by Simeon Gboun, Boss, Edited by Shany Habber
September 10, 2014

Founded in 2012, Warthogs’ World is the official student-run newspaper of Harare International School. include . weekly basis to discuss and share ideas community as a whole. Journalists, Sectional Editors, and the Editor-in-Chief are all responsible for writing articles and creating posts that are pertinent to the newspaper’s audience – students, teachers, and families that are part of the Harare International School community as well as visitors from other schools around the globe.Harare International School and the world as a whole. it has been a valuable source of news on current events around campus; a setting for the development of students’ communicative skills; and a showcase of the creativity and spirit

The newspaper is always looking for new contributors and members to join the existing body of inspired and motivated students and journalists. Feel free to stop by during Wednesday lunch meeting or speak to one of the current members to learn more about how you can be a part of our endeavors.

– See more at: www.warthogsworld.com/showcase/2014/09/10/1835/#sthash.5yRuirPG.dpuf

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