An article on Loki Ojha’s video & his struggle was published in the UK magazine HIP-HOP TITLED “Alok Ojha”. His journey from nowhere to international platform this competitive and harsh world of no mercy. How only one man with the help of his home PC and a mobile phone camera made this level of animation movies.

“Devil share” is a Music video made by ALOK OJHA from India. Alok first started creating waves in International Film festivals this year. Alok is being selected in various other festivals as his work is mesmerizing and his fan base is demanding more from this amazingly talented young man. Alok Ojha is a multi-talented and multi-disciplines artist that is accomplished in the areas of; dance, music, special effects, animation, videography, editing, acting, singing and he is able to take from his imagination and make it all work together in an all-encompassing way that has viewers wanting more. Alok has talents that only a few people in the world have mastered and even fewer can cover the spectrum of the arts of this extremely humble artist. “Devil Share“ has marked its presence in more than 85 International Festivals, big & small. The story line of the video is based on the revenge ofa ghost. The main character is Loki, lie was killed by his friend and his wife For lust and economic advantages. The soul of the dead man then appears for revenge.

The video is extremely popular on YouTube. “People are comparing the ‘Devil share‘ video with the Michael Jackson videos as the look and style is so hi-tech that this is the only comparison that is possible and with the dance moves that everyone is familiar with, Michael Jackson’s name always pops up when people see it.” says Alok.

Uniqueness is what critics are saying about this video! It is horror based but you won‘t find any killing, no blood bath and only dance music with special effects but that is all it needs to captivate you and have you wanting more, much more! CHECK IT OUT!


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