From Nowhere to Cannes & Darkness to Light

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This is the story of struggles to achievements from darkness to light from nowhere to Cannes festival.“Devil share” (Music video) made by alok ojha brand name  Loki Ojha from India after getting kick out from the Samsung company under the use and throw policy  creating waves in international film festival s Devil Share” has marked its presence in more than 90 International festivals, big &small.

BBC Music Festival



BBC Music Festival- Devil Share

micheal-jackson Devil share video was selected and screened in renowned film festivals including BBC, Parma Music Festival in Italy, Clip award Festival in Germany, Cinephone Festival in Spain, Animasao Festival Brazil, Cinema Farinha Festival Brazil, Cinewest Festival Australia, Mini box Festival India, Horror vision Festival in Spain, Amelia island festival in Florida, Tolfa short festival in Rome, World music festival Washington, and  made its presence in the world famous Cannes festival. In addition to festivals, this video included the Spanish movie called Un Crimen Secreto, directed by Paola Paz the owner of Infinity Pictures.

The devil share music video shows the origin of Loki Ojha the dancing devil character as Loki Ojha is killed by his close friend and his wife for lust and economic advantages. So, the soul of loki appears for revenge, to take his share in this death game. This video is getting compared with the Michael Jackson video’s in their kind of style and effects.

Critics are saying that this unique video is horror based but we won’t find any killing or blood bath, only dancing and music with special effects. The entire production was accomplished by one person loki ojha with one pc and mobile for the shoot.

This is second video Dancing Soul  


Loki Ojha is a multi-talented and multi-disciplines artist that is accomplished in the areas of; dance, music, special effects, animation, videography, editing, acting, singing and he is able to take from his imagination and make it all work together in an all encompassing way that has viewers wanting more. Alok has talents that only a few people in the world have mastered and even fewer can cover the spectrum of the arts of this extremely humble artist..Uk magazine like Rock Magazine and Hip Hop having distribution worldwide and Harare International School (Zimbabwe) find this motivational and inspirational. recently  his video being part of event in new York.

 This is third video Dangerous Sensation



 This is Fourth song Transcendence



 This is Fifth song Whispers of Agony



Loki Ojha with his  Horror movie  trailer 



Loki Ojha – Birla Institute of Management -Motivational speech



Loki Ojha – Capture (Another horror  movie  trailer